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Don't remove it, improve it!

You probably want to just throw your nasty looking tub out and replace it with a brand new one. Unfortunately, that just isn't in the budget. Save a ton of money by calling Mr. Ugly to reglaze your unsightly tub and shower.


Trust in over 40 years of honest, reliable, and professional service to provide you with a brand new looking bathtub or vanity.

• Tub and shower reglazed

• Tile floors refinished

• Restorations

• Seals

• Color changes

Let us take care of it

Enjoy superior service

In order to provide you with the best outcomes, it is our number one goal to give you the best customer service, care, quality, reliability, and durability in everything we do.

The difference between what you get with our coating and the other guys is the type of chemicals used. Ours create a stronger and higher quality bond. Don't pay for something that is just going to get washed down the drain.

Never settle for cheap coating

Ask about available warranties when you call to schedule a time to give your tub a new look.


Get started on your project right away. Have a crew out to your house and enjoy your new tub.

Glazing cured in as little as 48 hours.

Don't be embarrassed when your guests use your shower.

Make it look like new again.

A nice bathroom with a modern bathtub Modern bathroom with wood floor bathroom